Steel Ball Run (Fan​-​Made Soundtrack) - ACT 1 ~ Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

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Steel Ball Run Fan-Made Soundtrack: "ACT 1"

0:00 - Main Theme
1:18 - September 25, 1890
3:05 - Gyro Zeppeli
5:24 - Johnny Joestar
7:41 - Antagonizing
9:17 - Pizza Mozzarella
9:49 - It's High Noon
12:13 - Devil's Palm
13:41 - Thank You (Gyro)
15:10 - Scary Monsters
16:46 - Determination
18:11 - Funny Valentine
21:16 - True Man's World
23:53 - Tusk ACT 1 (Miracle)
25:58 - Tusk ACT 2
27:40 - The Saint
29:55 - Patriotism
31:35 - Mountain Tim
34:30 - Civil War

36:22 - Steel Ball Run (Main Theme Extended Cut/OST Mix)
40:32 - Destiny

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure is property of Hirohiko Araki, David Productions and Tokyo MX Warner Brothers Entertainment.

This is a fan-made soundtrack dedicated to Jojo's Bizarre Adventure created by Hirohiko Araki, specifically for Part 7, also known as Steel Ball Run. There is no announced anime adaptation for it and I'm in no way associated with David Production, VizMedia or other distributors. This is just a fan-based project.

This is the first ACT (CD1) of the four planned albums released for this project. It includes 19 already showcased music, and 2 unrevealed/bonus tracks: one of them is an extended cut/OST mix of an already existing song, while the other one is a previously unreleased and totally new/original track.

All tracks included in this project are FREE to use for any kind of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure related fan-made projects. It can be a video, a podcast, or even fan-games. You're free to use them!

All tracks composed by: Gwinn
Icon by: Platapotomas

Album cover by: BrainlessTea

Special thanks to my Patrons for the incredible support I'm getting from you. I cannot be grateful enough. Unbelievable. Thank you.
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