My Hero Academia: The WAR ARC Review (Part 1)

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This video explains the WAR ARC from the My Hero Academia manga! This arc is the best in the series and includes major deaths, large scale battles, new quirks, betrayal and lots of reveals.

The arc is officially titled the ‘Paranormal Liberation War Arc’ and follows directly on from the Endeavour Agency Arc.

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This video covers these bnha manga chapters in the most detail:
my hero academia chapter 260
my hero academia chapter 261
my hero academia chapter 262
my hero academia chapter 263
my hero academia chapter 264
my hero academia chapter 265
my hero academia chapter 266

Overarching topics this video covers:
Hawks infiltrating the league of villains
Kurogiri giving the heroes a clue
Public Safety Commission
Jaku Hospital Raid
Liberation Front Mansion Raid

- Kurogiri Shirakumo reveal
Dr Garaki (Ujiko) Quirk Reveal
High End Nomu awakening
Mirko’s fight
Kaminari’s quirk awakening
Tokoyami’s quirk awakening
Re-Destro’s defeat
Hawks’ fight with Dabi
Twice’s Death
Jin Bubaigawara
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